Welcome to Strangeland

In the early days of 2020, the world changed dramatically. Not only were people quarantined inside their homes, their communities, their states and their countries, many people quarantined alone and were forced to keep their own company. For some, that has been a relief, for others it was/is a long slide into a lonely rabbit hole.

At first, I basked in the solitude, relished the lack of stimulus. I found relief from the enormous stress of living and working alongside others. But now, two hundred and thirty-two days later, I find myself in a deflated raft, on a smoldering ocean, searching the horizon for a foothold- my feet grown soft from disuse. One day runs into the next. World stories flash brightly across my screens, but reheated news all tastes the same.

Be sure, I enjoy my own company, but the conversation here has grown stale. Unheard words cut the roof of my mouth. I need something new, dare I say novel, to slake my thirst. Conversations with the uncommon, to spark my interest in thoughts and ideas and the world, again. From that Seeking, that aspiration, Strangeland emerged.

My intention is to rustle masks and unearth oddities. Curiouser and curioser, my politics are complex and evolving. I do not swallow propaganda pills without researching their efficacy. I do not seek homogenity- variety and mutation breeds innovation. I do not proclaim to be interesting, myself, just interested.

Some of my posts may be suprising, some may bore you, others may incite your wrath or entreat your compassion. I do not seek an unwavering path- I often wander off, away from the best laid plans. It is through this dynamic lens that I seek out, curate, and share thoughts, stories, food, people, events and places that are slightly askew and unapologetically different.

Do you, dear reader, have something to share? Are you strange and uncommon? Do you find yourself walking the line between “normal” and “odd”? If so, you have found your tribe! Please look around, share your thoughts, and stay awhile. All who come with a healthy dose of curiosity (and respect) have a home here. I look forward to learning and exploring with you.

Carpe Noctum. Feed your fire.

T. Noelle

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