Strange Bio/Contact

T. Noelle is a lifelong poet and essayist with a new found enthusiasm for digital expression and worldly exploration. Moved by the mundane and the exceptional, she aspires to transparently share random (and sometimes unusual) thoughts and ideas with others. T. Noelle is also an adept rabbit holer- she spends an inordinate amount of time wandering off the beaten path and pondering interesting, educational, or completely useless information/insights curated from the far reaches of the worldwide web.

Despite being raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, T. Noelle has routinely been called a “swamp witch”, as well as eccentric and colorful. While she does not debate the partial truth of these descriptors, she maintains that these are not comprehensive adjectives and leave a lot of room for interpretation.

As of January 2020, T. Noelle can be found working remotely, hiding out in her home, talking to dogs and trees, and cursing small viruses. Be sure, this is a personal blog (with some writerly intentions/affects) and doesn’t expressly represent, contradict, support or condemn the views of any party, organization, or movement. In most cases, blog posts embody streams of consciousness, flights of fancy, unfettered curiosities and rhetorical wonderings.

All blog submissions, images, and works posted to this site are copyrighted by T. Noelle, unless noted. The posted works and images of others are appropriately attributed and notated, unless part of the public domain.